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Now Contains Additional Puzzle Game

This contains the new Slugforce Puzzler puzzler game with some 15 levels to begin with that will grow with time. 


Science, as all human endeavors, has been splintered into several factions who believe their way of thinking is the best. The Dr. Professor Scientist is no different albeit his faction is the belief that his methods are right no matter which he chooses to pursue.
Choose one major and one minor discipline. Decide to make a deal with the devil or pursue your childhood dreams of an ever-bouncing superball.

Build the Weapon of Your Dreams:

The weapon of your dreams is a few projectiles and modifiers away as you devise a cunning plan how to defeat the next enemies. Or if the feelings strikes create a crazy gun with nothing but exploding cabbages in lieu of the more classical energy shard.

Survive Waves & Research Weapon Parts

Prepare your gun with over 15 different projectiles and 41 increasingly powerful(or wacky) modifiers and decimate the incoming wave. With up to 15 slots in your gun and up to 5 rarities to each Component the combinations are near limitless.
For every wave you clear you gain valuable knowledge both in how to build your gun and actual science points— spent to unlock new and interesting modifiers + projectiles. With more at your disposal you can reach further and further into the incoming waves of enemies.
And if you are skilled enough, you might beat Grand Daddy Crab...

Haven't had your coffee or morning beverage of choice yet?

Don't worry the Dr. Professor Scientist is very accommodating, leaving the grunt work to others, and gives you the ability to play with only one hand. Lending a perfect time to sip on your favorite beverage, as you watch your scientifically important input come to life in the weapon testing phase.

Contents of Purchase

In addition to the downloadable no DRM game files each buy includes a steam key.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Dr. Professor Scientist's Weaponst Testing Facility 1.3.1.zip 135 MB

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Even Professor's Have to Pay Bills

You'll get your name in a new honor students section in the game. Reward optional to claim. 

Science Giga Donor

You'll get to help design a new discipline or a new enemy type. In addition we will name the testing facility in your name. All rewards optional to claim. 

Get a 4,99$ game for free!

It is time to open the gates and let in everyone that so wishes. 

Download demo

Dr. Professor Scientist's Weapons Testing Facility Demo.zip 135 MB

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I would like to buy the game for the current price of $0.39 but itch.io only allows payments starting at 100 cents. :-(


Everyone should have gotten their key and all emails have been replied to. If anyone for some reason has still fallen through the cracks, even though we stopped getting messages about this 17 days ago, do shoot us a message at support@coolsmithygames.com

Happy Sciencing :)

No key for me either, i have messaged them on the email from the comment below

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No steam key, yet after 12 hrs.

Edit: got the key after contacting support. Thanks alot!

Add me to the list, it has been over 2 hours and still no Steam key email, I even checked a few times well after I claimed my copy and at the time there was still 47 Steam copies available so I should have been before the cut off.

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We just got our backend sorted out and everything should arrive in just a moment if it hasn't already.
If you are still missing one in either your inbox or spam folder message again and we will get it fixed. 

I just checked and am still missing the Steam key email.  I know I have gotten emails from other itch.io devs so I have it set up correctly to receive emails.

Sadly we don't have any better tools on itch so please send us an email at support@coolsmithygames.com and no need for many details, just throw us an email with for example "Hi, key pls" 

I still haven’t gotten my steam key after over an hour

We had a problem with out automated emails, but now every single email has been sent out. 
If you still don't have the key in your inbox or spam folders, please message again and we will get it to you. 

I still haven’t gotten it